One VELO For All Your Travels!

Effortlessly switch VELO between 3 sizes (16"-22"-26").

Save time, increase storage and go eco-friendly with this one-for-all travel solution!

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Flexible Size & Capacity Options

Nothing is more exciting than the start of a new journey, but choosing the right luggage can be tricky. VELO provides you with flexible capacity, expanding as you go.

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Efficient Packing

Customized Packing Cubes, Adjustable Dividers, and the Laptop Bag are also 

customized accessories of VELO to increase your packing efficiency and help you stay organized during the trip.

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Durable yet Sleek

From top to bottom, inside to out, VELO weighs the quality of details seriously. The durable PC shell and high-quality parts are for life-long use, meanwhile, the sleek and elegant design brings aesthetics to the luggage and makes VELO the right choice. 

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