Where Our Story Begins
We realized that travelers around the world were facing a common problem - the constant struggle of choosing the right size of luggage for their trips.
We saw an opportunity to create luggage that would adapt to the changing needs of travelers. The concept of a 3-in-1 expandable hardside suitcase was born from this insight.
In the heart of the University of Illinois, in a basement lab tucked away from the bustle of student life, two ambitious college students were about to embark on a journey that would change their lives and the world of travel forever.
“Growing when you travel.”
We are travelling in completely new areas, just as our slogan says - “Growing when you travel." This is exactly what our team is doing.
Our product was not just luggage; it was a traveler's ally, a tool for self-discovery, and a statement of our mission to redefine the world of travel. We would like to show the world that travel is more than just sightseeing and taking pictures. It was about personal growth, self-achievement, reunion with your family, and the enriching experience of the journey itself.
Make Dreams into Reality
The challenges we faced were immense. Luggage design, supply chains, logistics, and e-commerce were uncharted territories for us. But our passion, determination, and willingness to learn were boundless.
The Jouney Keeps Going On
We do not just provide luggage, we offer a gateway to a world of opportunities and personal transformation. It was a reminder that in the pursuit of innovation, even the most unexpected dreamers could change the world.
Even the most unexpected dreamers could change the world.
Fantastic Milestone
We've hit a fantastic milestone on Kickstarter, raising $960,000, and achieved great success in the Makuake crowdfunding campaign in Japan. But that's just the beginning of our journey - we have plans to expand sales to more platforms and countries.
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